There is nothing like “Free Stuff” in this world

It's not free. It's a trap

Is it true that free stuff are truly free, or are there hidden costs?

There is nothing like “Free stuff” in this world, it is only a matter of realization that If you are not paying for the product “you are the product“.

There is no such thing as free items in the real world. Someone has to manufacture the product and bear the financial burden of doing so. Often, the cost of the items is passed to another party or paid for in a method that is not readily apparent. What is the best way to pay for free things? You can accomplish more with less time, stress, and regulations than you would normally.

In this post, we will discuss some common considerations that you should keep in mind before entering into any deal.

Wasting Time

Jumping through hurdles to obtain free items consumes a significant amount of time. “Time is money“, as the saying goes, applies to everyone, not just business people, because time is something that you can never reclaim once it has been spent or “used up.” You can use a time-to-money conversion to determine how much your time is worth.

If I work an hour to obtain “free” items, but I could earn $50 an hour doing something else, I am paying $50 for that free item. There will be times when you will save time but did not rewarded for it. In addition to seeking free stuff, what else would you prefer to do instead of searching for free items isn’t listed here. Some of the things you could do to save money include:

  • Taking a class or learning something new.
  • Look for a bargain to save money in another area of your life.
  • Carry out duties that you might otherwise contract out to someone else.
  • Adopt a new habit that could help you save money.

It is necessary to examine your time management to comprehend the trade-offs, and it is essential to determine what you would give up to do so.

“Where does your money go?” people frequently inquire of me. What happens to all of your time? We should take a closer look at this subject because so many people claim they don’t have enough time to do so.

Personal Information

There are many places where you can get free stuff, but they won’t show up until you give them your personal information at first. What exactly is the problem here? To some, it may not matter because all of my information is already out, and I have nothing to conceal. To others, it may be irrelevant. 

Whether or not this is true, you will still have to fill out a lot of paperwork and make a lot of phone calls and send a lot of emails, all of which you will despise doing. Other people may obtain your information and use it for their own goals, which will make things more annoying and time-consuming for everyone. 

It’s more likely that someone will get their hands on your personal information if you have it in a lot of places. Be cautious. After you cancel credit cards, update anti-virus software, and check your bank accounts for money taken from your account, the likelihood of fraud and theft increases. 

That can’t be a pleasant experience in your life, and the consequences of this may continue for years to come. The most effective method of keeping your information safe is to avoid putting it first.

Shopping restrictions

If you want to save money when you buy something, you should “search around” for the most incredible offer. If you haven’t experienced it, there can be substantial fluctuations in the prices of things when purchased from different locations or at different seasons of the year, depending on the season. 

It’s one of the most effective ways for me to save money. That is why, I prefer to shop at times or places where other people are not present. Even if you aren’t earning any points, will it be worthwhile to compare pricing regardless of whether you are? According to the people I’ve observed, I don’t believe this is the case.

It is unlikely that a single retailer or website will constantly offer the most competitive prices in most cases. Even the stores or the big brands, well-known for their low prices, may sell stuff at higher prices.

Free stuff

Being organized

Do you find it easy to maintain order and complete administrative tasks? If it is, you would be able to keep track of your points and spend them more efficiently if it was simple for you to accomplish. 

My personal experience has shown me that many people are opposites. They despise filling out forms and performing paperwork, and they struggle with math and paying sales taxes on their purchases, among other things. 

Go out to lunch with many people and observe how the tip works out for yourself if you want to be convinced. It makes no difference whether or not people do it. They will rely on a computer or an app to complete the task for them. When it comes to buying things that take a lot of time, frustration, and pressure, an app or a machine can’t make decisions for you in the same way that people can.

The Pretzel

Have you ever been compelled to buy or use stuff you didn’t want to? Yes, but do they come at a price in other areas? 

An excellent example would be traveling to a new location using points. You can fly for free if you want to. It departs at 3 a.m. on Monday and arrives at 6 a.m. Tuesday. A cab or a limousine will be the most convenient mode of transportation to the airport at this time. When you receive a free trip, there may be one or two layovers during which you will require to spend several hours at the airport. It may be possible that the flight would have been direct (s).

Without a plan, you will wind up paying more money on food and roaming charges because you will be at the airport for an extended period. If you are compelled to stay overnight during a layover, you will be charged an extra transportation and lodging fee. You may need to take extra vacation days because this free travel will cost you money that you can use for future holidays that you wish to accept. 

The key is that when you start to feel like a pretzel, that is when you should do something. Are you planning to compare the cost of the pretzel flight to the price of a direct flight at the time and location you desire? If you do not take the pretzel flight, there is a possibility that you will not be able to utilize these points in the future. 

Perhaps you’ll need to purchase anything to “spend the points.” Once you have agreed to the conditions of these programs, you are no longer free from their terms. They are subject to change at any time to meet the demands of the issuer. If someone gains money, the consumer is obligated to reimburse that person for their earnings. Because of the potential consequences, you must consider whether it is worthwhile.

When does getting free items to become worthwhile?

The freebies/free stuff can be a terrific deal if you consider them to be an unexpected bonus that you weren’t expecting. Even if you don’t agree with all of the reasons made in this post, the freebies will be a good bargain for you. If you purchased the goods regardless of whether you received free merchandise, there are numerous advantages. That means you won’t have to deal with additional difficulties or administrative procedures. 

You can take advantage of the loyalty program and receive the most outstanding value possible without experiencing the pretzel effect. The key to this concept is to pay attention to your spending habits and spending style and then look for a program that fits you rather than forces you to bend to comply with the program

There are instances when you may have to abandon your plans since they aren’t worth your time and effort. That may be difficult for people addicted to their points since they believe that “I have to use my points at any costs.” As a result, the decisions will most likely change rather than benefit, which indicates that they are suffering from an addiction.

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